Jewish laser beam fires from space - satire

Donald Trump, COVID Angels, masks and end of days

Humanity is at a crisis point; people are understandably…
Cartoon of President Donald Trump dressed as a priest holding a bible and cross.

COVID-19 Prayer | The plague sent by God to punish us

COVID-19 Sermon Well, true “believers” it's definitely…
Photo of a box of Viagra with caption: Jesus has cum. now available without prescription.

Christ hasn’t come back yet, but that’s because he can’t get an erection

A sermon by the Rev Batty Von Goebbels For 2000 years, Jesus…
Ann Widdecombe MEP with a burning cross.

Gay Conversion Therapy and Ann Widdecombe MEP

A sermon by the Rev Batty Von Goebbels There has been…
Chav wearing religious sagging pants.

Religious garments from a Christian perspective

A sermon by the Reverend Batty von Geobells There has been much…
Jesus on cannabis.

Cannabis and the Bible

In today's sermon I want to talk about God's holy seed, but this…
Jesus feeding the five thousand

The Miracles of Jesus Explained: Part 1

In today's sermon we figure out some of Jesus's most famous miracles…
Evolution and God

God vs Science

A sermon by the Reverend B. Von Goebbels Science is always…
Adam & Eve cockney rhyming slang.

Adam and original sin

A sermon by the Reverend B. von Geobells I have just had the…
Lot’s wife. Pausing to look back at the spectacle of God destroying entire cities, including her own residence and all her possessions, in a massive conflagration of fire and brimstone.

10 Commandments: how to avoid eternal damnation in hell

A sermon by the Reverend Batty von Goebbels Today we are going…
Scooby Dooby Doo and the Holy Ghost Spirit

The Holy Ghost and the unforgivable sin

A sermon by the Reverend Batty von Goebbels We will discuss…
God and Abraham.

The erection of Christ our saviour.

A sermon from the Reverend Batty Von Goebbels of the United Free Church of Kiddyfiddlerminster.