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I'm the leader of the United Free Church of Kiddyfiddleminster. Please enjoy my sermons, I'm in direct contact with God.

Jesus came in my Wellington boots.

A sermon by the Reverend Batty von Goebbels

How dare the decedents of Plymouth brethren, active in the decimation and genocide of Native Americans mention spirituality. The Indians were in a state of pure paradise before the evil Christian puritans polluted the sacred land with dogmatic religion. The teachings of repressed child molesters play no part in a humane society; prayer, often confused with telepathy with plants, mammals, fishes, reptiles, aliens and mother Earth, must not be confused with the insane scribblings of some religious prick.

Must we put up with this nonsense? You know your so-called God is a Semitic work of fiction who doesn’t really exist; all the hatred, killing, maiming, raping and vengeance in the Bible of the false prophet is irrelevant to me!

Jesus came in my Wellington boots.

It made a sticky mess everywhere.

The perseverance of the Christian religion to indoctrinate the masses has only served to cause hatred and confusion throughout the world’s population.

The perpetrators of this evil doctrine have committed genocide against countless populations of the planet, and therefore losing all credibility of any spiritual culture. Creating an aura of fear around any free thinking people exterminating any sources of wisdom!

Let us pray

Jesus did bum
Just like God, his Dad, told him to.

Jesus Christ

Jesus our Lord who died for us all.

Christian missionaries have raped and pillaged their way around the world for quite long enough, professing their own sick confused view of humanity; inflicting countless misery upon billions of blameless humans in their wrong self-righteous belief in the evil bible, advocating killing of innocent women and children (though God says don’t kill the virgins, as they should be saved for raping at a later date) and a load of baloney that shouldn’t be taught, or even mentioned to anyone.

Let us pray

John the Baptist gave head
He drank the cum of the serpent
He drowned my daughter in the bath
do you think he was having a laugh?
Noah fucked all the farm yard animals
He only had time to do a few
Thank god Christians can’t interbreed
Or we’d have goats preaching that crap too!
Die in the flood!!! What a shame it didn’t really happen and it’s a fallacy and myth!
None of this bullshit, actually exists.
But we DO!

Jesus and BDSM

Jesus was into S&M. Christians are still into this fucking depraved madness.

They like to torture, Jesus was gay anyway, who took it up the bum or any way it was given to him, as he was a dirty Jewish whore who craved persecution.

The confused masses of the day still seek punishment for their sins. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were gay sadists who seek to punish their weak followers through religious guilt and fear.

Christianity is painful to any decent soul upon the blessed Earth; those who perpetrated the inquisition and burned us when we were high priests in previous lives, offend everything that is pure, beautiful and innocent (hide away all the choirboys from the dirty catholic priests).